And 10 months post op again (this was for a late 50s tv show I was in!)
About 10 months post op
Almost 1 year post op!
This was the week I got my braces off in March! 5 months post op when this was taken?
About 4 months post-op! This was at my cousins wedding, yesterday. And I’m finally 16 today!Also, getting my braces of on the 5th of March, super excited for that.  
Almost 3 months post op! I’ll have some more decent photos up when it actually hits the 29th, though! This is just one I found on my laptop from the other day so I just thought it’d be good to post (:
And the obvious line - anyone contemplating getting jaw surgery, please do! I seriously regret nothing. I’m so happy with my new bite, it’s great (:

I'm only getting single surgery, but I think the whole procedure and medical protocol might be different because I'm from england. When I say catheter, I don't mean one for meds, I mean a urinary catheter! Argh i'm so fucking scared and they said they wouldn't give me any pain meds, that I should just take normal, supermarket paracetamol :/

Oh god no! I did not get a urinary catheter. You wont be under anesthetic for that long. Especially if it’s only single surgery. My surgery took over 3 hours and it was double surgery, and I didn’t need one! Jesus christ no wonder you were freaking out. Who on earth told you that?!
It may be different in England but when it comes down to it the surgery is the same. Are you staying over night in the hospital. I’m sorry I really don’t know how much less harsh it is if you’re only getting one jaw done.
For pain meds I didn’t think I was on ones that would take away the pain enough, I thought they were child’s play but it turned out they were fine! You only really experience on going hard core pain for the first 2-3 days. And only half of the 1st day because they’ve been giving you better meds through your tube. The rest of the time it’s more of an ongoing ache but you forget about it really easily at the time, and you only really get pain if you knock your face or laugh or try and open to wide / smile. But it really does get better every day.
Around the 2nd week my Mum got me regular panafort from the chemist, and that worked fine. Maybe ask your parents to get you that? It’s a bit harsher than paracetamol, that’s all!

If you guys have any questions, feel free to ask here, but I will answer them a lot quicker over at

I'm getting my surgery done in 2 weeks and I'm terrified. I've heard a range of stories, from it hurting so much they couldn't sleep and wanted to die, to being bearable with pain meds, and also heard some stuff about having to wear a catheter?! That's enough to make me want to call the whole thing off. Arghhh

I hope I got to this message before you got your surgery! Argh, I wish you were off anon so I could talk to you more about this.
I’m not going to sugar coat it, but still, it isn’t as bad as you’ve been told!
Yes, the first 3 days for me were horrible, and on those 3 days I wished I didn’t get the surgery done. Honestly the 2nd day was worst than the first. But you know what the best part is? Those days pass by in almost a blur because that’s when you’re on your hardest pain medication, so after a week you can barely remember those first 3 days! And also it is different for everyone. If you’re only getting one jaw surgically moved then it will be a lot less harsh for you, but if you’re getting double jaw surgery like me, then it might be a little the same. But like I said, it’s different for everyone. 
You can sleep, that’s basically all you’ll do for the first week! Because you’re quite weak from not being able to eat properly, so you get exhausted quite easily. I remember a week after my surgery I had to go out for half an hour to get x-rays, it was the first time I’d been out and I was so exhausted when I got back I fell straight asleep, and I’d only been out for half an hour! 
Yes, while you’re in hospital you get a catheter inserted into you, so they can distribute the anesthetic and pain medication. It’s not even that bad, and you barely feel it going in. You honestly don’t even notice it, that’s the least of your worries! It’s actually good because they can give you morphine through them and drugs that take the nausea away and it’s a lot easier than having to take pills. 
Seriously, you’ll basically forget all of the hard stuff after a month, or as soon as you get all the bands off. It’s definitely worth it.

Feel free to ask me anything else if you have anymore quarries! I’m always on my main blog over at devilsbanquet.tumblr if you want me to answer your questions straight away, too!

I hope your surgery goes well! Yes, I won’t lie, there are a lot of bad points. But it is all worth it. And it’s not as bad as some of these people have made it out to be!